Your laugh in the drawer


"Purpose" by Seth Sawyers  
Photo : Flickr creative commons

A small conversation by video. Small and tender minutes while I work, when my man on the other end of the world, with the 8-hour time difference, is about to go to sleep. I want to wish him good night in my suit and tie.

FaceTime, free video phone calls via wifi, allows my man and I to share little bits of everything, nothing, bits of our daily lives, until we meet again physically, soon. While I am in the office, answering emails from clients, the iPhone standing on the desk in front of me, Laurent and I are discussing the sun in Paris allowing him to see the French Open matches, and his dinner with his friends. A guest then comes to the front desk, right next to the office. I take hold of my iPhone still on video mode. I don't disconnect the call. I put it in the drawer which I close. He doesn't see me anymore but can hear my restaurant tips for the night, deadened by his presence in the drawer. I open the drawer to wink at him, to give him a clown face. I close the drawer again. I talk with the guest. I can hear Laurent's laugh in the drawer which I open again. I put my finger to the lips to say sh! Laurent raises a bemused eyebrow and offers me his most beautiful and happy smile.  

- I had never been in a drawer before, says a little later my man on the other side of the world.

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