blog in progress

This blog is in progress. When I have time, I might change how it looks. I must, actually. Why this blog? Because. That's a good enough reason, I think. Well, I've been thinking of having an English speaking blog for a long time. I had 1 last year. From which some of the posts published here will be taken. A few chronicles. An interview of a film maker, soon. Bits and pieces on my job as UK editor. Some advice on UK blogs I discover. The encounter with an influential* UK blogger (yes, Anna, I'm talking about you). Anything is worth writing, isn't it? Especially when it involves people. Don't you just love meeting people? You don't? Come on. They don't bite. Or if they do, it's for your own good. Let yourself be bitten by reality. That reminds me (absolutely no connection with what I just mentioned) I have to contact Stella Duffy again. And write about how I discovered her fiction. Bye for now. (Don't) Behave!

* if getting someone out of jail doesn't make her influential, then I might as well become a vicar.

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tilly said...

that blog is THE RIGHT PLACE for your nice future translation of my posts about Pierre Etaix, isn't it?

Laurent said...

Oh Tilly! I just saw your comment! I still haven't worked out how everything works on this new blog. Well, I'd do that translation with great pleasure, had I more time. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland running after time. I can't wait to see Pierre Etaix's films!