Caron from Scotland tweets with Béatrice from France

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If any proof was needed that Wikio & E-Blogs create links between people from one country to another, here's one above. Thanks to E-Blogs, Béatrice, French blogger and translator for E-Blogs, tweets with Caron, Scottish blogger who happens to have one of her posts translated.

The original version of her post can be read here: Why some women have real reason to fear the World Cup
The French version: "La coupe du Monde et la bière = plus de violence conjugale"
And the Italian version: "Mondiali e birra = più violenza domestica"

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Béalapoizon said...

Yes, thanks to Eblogs we're going to look further than our bellybuttons and we can discover great international blogs !

Caron said...

This is fabulous! What a beautiful name for a blog. A new addition to my blog roll for sure:-)

Laurent said...

Oh! Thanks Caron. Please be indulgent, this is a new blog. I'll try to keep a regular pace, but since I have a French blog & 2 jobs... By the way, its name is the word-to-word translation of my other blog.