Looking for Eiffel

The shooting of A second chance started today. I like when projects come to reality. When the idea that grew in an artist's brain becomes physically concrete. And the realization is André Schneider and Jennifer Eberhardt respectively director and director of photography taking control of the Franco-German feature film (produced by Vivàsvan Pictures) in which I gladly give my silhouette and my tender irony.

This morning we gleaned pictures of the market along the Edgar Quinet boulevard in the direction of the infamous Tour Montparnasse. Before that, I took them to one of Brancusi's Kiss and the surprisingly smiling fish by Berdal. André wished to see Jean Seberg's grave. With our friends Google and 3G, we found the division 13 where the actress of JL Godard's A bout de souffle rests.

Nibbled a baguette de campagne. Caught a glimpse of the Eiffel tower from the metro. Outdoor section of line 6. Drank a hot chocolate/coffee/tea with Léonard Lasry who will compose the film's soundtrack. And ended our Parisian day by shooting a scene at a terrasse place Emile Goudeau, in Montmartre, yes, in the winter, absolutely, wrapped up warm and captivated by the project I suggest you to follow here. Then in theatres hopefully soon.

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