A Second Start (3rd day of shooting)

Photo by Jennifer Eberhardt
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You are so sweeeeeeet. Your comments and likes on Facebook. Funny or tender. Or both. But for those who don't have Twitter, Instagram or Facebook where i published live yesterday and today material from the shooting that had me busy this week-end. Here are 4 pictures. Of which the first visual of the couple André and i are embodying on film (above).

When i think of it, the last time i did the actor, it was in 2006. For a sweet project where i played a clown for 3 months in a small Parisian theatre. Getting back to it is far from being painful. Especially when it's others who struggle. Who juggle with the singing exercizes of a soprano neighbour. Who ache from holding the lights. Who make tea, lunch, dinner, or makes you decent on film.

What's next? Berlin in February. A city i will happily discover then.

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*Direction, script, part of André, production : André Schneider who patiently teaches me German, natürelich. For real life. Not on film, don't worry.

*Dir. of photography & sound : Jennifer Eberhardt who promised me to share Sufjan Stevens once she's seduced him.

*The blog of Deuxième commencement


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Raquel said...

so gorgeous, babe :)